Baby Accessories

Baby Accessories
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Baby Accessories

For a great selection of baby accessories, shop the top website for baby products: Copper Pearl. Our newborn accessories and baby gear are just what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re trying to keep your baby warm or you just want them to look adorable, Copper Pearl accessories are the answer. Our top knot baby hats come in newborn size (0-4mo) and in baby size (5-18mo) so you can find the perfect fit for your little one--- simply adjust the knot at the top for the ideal size that grows with baby.

For warmer weather, make accessorizing easy with a sweet baby bow headband, and get ready for the compliments! Made with the same super-soft fabric as our other Copper Pearl baby gear and sized for newborns, it features enough stretch to grow with baby through the first few months.

While you’re shopping for the best baby accessories, add some pacifier clips to your shopping cart and say goodbye to floor drops or pacifier pick-ups!